Thursday, January 31, 2008

Aging Smaging, Just Do It Your Own Way

Two days ago we were told that the older you get the worse your judgment becomes. You are tricked and fooled into making dumb choices. But, by my lights, the study was deeply flawed, since the parameters of choice are different for every individual (by definition).

Now comes news, in the New York Times today in Staying a Step Ahead of Aging, that we can exercise ourselves into being and staying younger. Some people can run faster at 60 than they could at 50!

Apparently the secret is hard exercise that teaches the heart to pull in and distribute more oxygen. Hard and often, if you can. But, if you have to choose between the two, chose hard. Several times a week. Forever.

Of course, as you age and exercise hard, some may say you are making a bad decision because you could get mugged, or have a heart attack, or have some other deadly calamity befall you. Guess what? I'm gonna do what my body wants me to do, whether it's make foolish decisions to stick with a poor choice or exercise like there's no tomorrow, or both!


sharryb said...

I'm really enjoying your posts. Good information and good reading. Found you from your comment on Remembering Matters.