Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Teddy Chasing Squirrels in the Snow

Teddy, my 11-month old English Springer Spaniel, was jumping for joy in the first massive snow fall of 2009. I just watch and grin and occasionally call to him. And try to snag photos.

Some time I will find the words to describe the evolution of my feelings for and relationship to Teddy.

He is named for the lion who died on the same day I brought Teddy home in August 2009. I am happy to let people assume that his namesake is Teddy Roosevelt. Either is a fitting image of this energetic, tail wagging little dog.

My vocabulary seems full of cliches: bundle of joy (when he cavorts in a pre-dawn field, galloping at full tilt)! full of love (when he puts his head in my lap and looks up with baleful eyes and wagging tail)! rascal (when he goes upstairs and comes back down with one of my shoes).

The more serious parts are my evolving and growing relationship with him. I had trouble at first. I think/hope that I have found the sweet spot in the racket (pun intended) of being a good dog mom. Sometime I will chart the evolution