Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Simon, to be renamed, my new dog. He comes home on Friday.

A solitary finch.

The green roof at Eastern Village Co-Housing in Silver Spring. Note the rooftop cooling accoutrements on the building across the way, compared with the green roof. Go Green!

More caterpillar and parasitic wasp pupae.

Parasitic wasp pupae infesting a caterpillar. The garden books call the wasps beneficial.
I only wish there were a parasite to infest the late fungus that has damaged everyone's tomato plants. The caterpillar was downed by the rain, but he was already dead, having fed the wasp pupae.

A butterfly in Mason's Neck Wildlife Refuge

This year's water lily

A box turtle on the Appalachian Trail

A bee in a thistle

Some new fun photos.