Saturday, March 22, 2008

Birds Need Ecologially Sound Gardening

Puzzled about how to shift our lifestyles (note the presumption of choice that we have in the early 21st century, versus the contingent reality of millenia of human life) from anti-life to pro-(no, not falling into that trap) environment?

I am burning with realizations that all around us we can make changes. The big question is how?

Here's a start for gardening: Douglas Tallamy has pushed the frontier by linking native plant species to the kinds of insects that survive on those plants to the birds and beasts that we love to watch.

You can read or order his book, but here's a clip from a radio interview that says it all.


Judith Shapiro said...

presumtion of choice, indeed. nice book though! if only i weren't too busy working all the time to try to make up for our dwindling standard of living; driving my 18 mph car, instead of walking (Who has the time?); and lying with my laptop on my lap reading blogs, i'd go plant.